I do try, really

Or, at least I have every intention of trying.

To be more outgoing. To socialize more.

But what’s a girl to do.

Scenario 1: invited to a party where I know some, and don’t know some. So, do I introduce myself or not? If I feel outgoing, yes. If not? I have all the friends I need, not interested in meeting new people, I just tend to ignore them at that stage; maybe I’ll talk to them later.

Scenario 2: my ex’s (also father of my children) latest girlfriend. This can be pretty tricky. He is an ex for a reason. I have no further interest in him, WHAT SO EVER. But apparently I still have to feign some sort of compassion/interest due to the kids. But do I have to strike up a conversation with his latest, just because we happen to be standing in the same vicinity? I mean, this is not a person of my choosing. She will never become part of my circle.

Scenario 3: a conversation including several people/friends (I know, how can this be awkward?). Topics are discussed, and sometimes I actually do have something to say on the matter, but I hesitate to butt in with my 5 cents, and -poof- the moment’s gone. They’ve moved on to another topic. And, yet again, I sit there like a wax doll. Silent. Uncontributing.

Scenario 4: I meet someone new :-), like them, would like to talk more, but ……what to talk about? Temporary braindeath. The strange thing is: practically all my friends are the very outgoing type. They strike up conversations with anyone, anywhere, getting lots of attention. Me? Wallflower material.


So, in the first 2 cases, am I just being rude? Giving in to my introvert self? And, in that case, is that such a bad thing? Third scenario: believe in myself and my opinions, my thoughts are just as valuable as anyone elses. Scenario 4: the weather, the latest movie, his clothes. Anything goes, according to a girlfriend. There’s no need to be so effing profound the first time you talk to someone!!!

Introvert AND low selfesteem. Now there’s a killer combo if ever there was one.

I guess it all boils down to try, try again.

Aruban favourites

From my holiday on Aruba, February 2014.

Good morning, Aruba :-)
Good morning, Aruba :-) 
And an amazing sunset
And an amazing sunset


Rodger's Beach
Rodger’s Beach
Old vs new
Old vs new
Cocktails on the pier
Cocktails on the pier


From the Light Parade
From the Light Parade
This gives me a feeling of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'
This gives me a feeling of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’


The locals in action
The locals in action
Nothing beats the feeling of sand between your toes
Nothing beats the feeling of sand between your toes
So many lovely sunsets
So many lovely sunsets
Keep Aruba clean.
Keep Aruba clean.
The rugged coast
The rugged coast
Flora of Aruba
Flora of Aruba
Foogle 'aruba' and images, this is pretty much the first photo you'll get.
Google ‘aruba’ and images, this is pretty much the first photo you’ll get.
Aruba, a wind powered nation.
Aruba, a wind powered nation.
The prison of Aruba
The prison of Aruba
Early morning at the beach
Early morning at the beach
Sunrise over Bachellors Beach
Sunrise over bachelors Beach


Beach shacks
Beach shacks
View from our 'home' in Savaneta
View from our ‘home’ in Savaneta

Public nudity

I live in Southern Norway. So I guess we have the warmest, sunniest weather in the country.

image  Maybe it’s only to be expected that people get confused about where they are. Beach vs town, I mean. Or maybe they’re walking around dazed by the heat?

image  I work in a garden centre. There, again, you might find an excuse, maybe we are deemed a less formal type of shop, re the ‘garden’ connection. image   My point here is: why on earth would you walk around the shops HALF NAKED? Really? image




Guys, please, put a shirt on. Doesn’t matter what you look like. Old and saging. Young and muscular. Hairy. Smooth. I don’t care. But I would definitely appreciate not looking up from a customers trolley to find myself face to face with a pair of hairy, or not-so-hairy, nipples. image





Is the time of common decency really over? I mean, there is a time and place for everything, right?





I am one of the first to admit I willingly go to nudie beaches. I have no problem with that. Just not in the shops. Keep it at the beach, please.

Hmmm… I am just realising…. I might just have had an ulterior motive for writing this particular blog.





Oh well….enjoy, ladies. ;-)

The (dreaded?) HUG

Oh my, how things change. In my day, friends simply did not hug. Nowadays? Hugs galore.

But what is a hug and how does one give a decent hug?

http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hug -

To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection; embrace.

http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hug -
to put your arms around someone especially as a way of showing love or friendship. : to hold (something) tightly with your arms. : to stay close to ( something).

so, closely and tightly seem to be how it’s done. Cheek-only contact doesn’t qualify as a hug.



This gives some insight in to what I consider acceptable hugging.

Also, I have an ex-colleague who gave me the following hug-instructions:

* feet hip-width apart, bending slightly at the knees

* pull the hugee in, knees between thighs, and get full frontal contact. ( meaning knee to ear full-frontal)

* arms can mainly go wherever they feel comfortable; neck or waist.

* lean in and settle down for a lengthy hug, relax into it.


and for the record, he did give a very decent and comfortable hug. M-m-mmmm……













Now. The way youngsters, and many other Norwegians hug is simply by the cheek to cheek method, with a quick pat on the back thrown in for good measure. I’m not a fan. As established above: a hug is a tight and close encounter, i.e. Full frontal contact

There are now 5-five people I feel comfortable giving a hug, and then I mean a PROPER hug. My grandson, my 3 kids, and one girlfriend.

Whether or not I hug you does not stand in reference as to how well we know each other or if I like you or not.

Do NOT mistake my resistance to hugging as a sign of intimacy issues. I can be pretty darned intimate and affectionate, but preferably on my terms and not in the middle of the friggin’ street!!

Oh, by the way, hugging me, without asking, even though you might know how uncomfortable I am with it, isn’t that just the teeniest bit rude?

To bag or not to bag

I work in a shop.

In a shop you buy stuff.

If you buy a lot of stuff, you would usually like something to carry them in, yeah?image

So, my question to the customers; would you like a bag for that? gets met with varying responses.




1. No thanks, you see It’s a present and I thought I might just wrap some paper around it. Blah blah blah live just down the road blah blah

2. (With a trolley full of plants) No thank you, I have my car, I’ll just cart them out.

3. “What do you think, Peter, do we need a bag?”

“no, we’re good……or maybe?”

” Yes, maybe we should use bags so we don’t soil the car…….?”

“ok, 3 bags then?”

“nooo…. One should do it”

4. Yes, thanks, I’ll take one bag. WHAT!!?? You charge 2 kroner per bag?!?! Then I’ll pass, thank you very much! The nerve….

5. With a trolley OVERFLOWING with plants:”And 4 bags?” “No, just one will do.” The customer starts packing, comes back and says “I’ll need another 3 bags after all”. Are you effing kidding me?!?!?!!!!

People, please…. It’s a fairly simple yes/no question, isn’t it? Spare me the long debates and outrages. I just want to get on with my job, and not have the queue build up while you decide whether or not you can handle spending NOK 2 on a paper bag for your shit.


Summer in Norway

Is mainly just a cruel joke.

1. By the time you get adjusted to the fact that  sunny days and blue skies MIGHT actually mean warm days and that shorts can be worn, it’s over.

2. Always be prepared. ‘For what?’ you ask? For the weather to change. Abruptly and brutally.

3. If you plan on being out for the whole day: take a fleece jacket, long pants and woolen socks with you. Because, usually, after 6 pm it starts getting very chilly. Very chilly indeed.image

4. A day on the beach, a lie on the sand, does not necessarily mean sweltering heat and sweaty bodies. Many a time I have been quite warm and toasty on my sunny side up.  Theshadow-side, however, is a completely different story.  Almost fridge-like temperature, to be honest.

5.  My kids have grown up thinking their mum doesn’t like swimming. I do. Only the water should be above 20 C. Something it very seldom is here. Brrrrrrrr……..

image 6. Our ‘tropical’ nights? Anything over 20 C. My Aussie friends told me that’s about when they start piling on the extra blankets and socks….

7. Days above 25 C? It’s a freakin’ HEATWAVE…. Or at least that’s what the locals reckon it is.


Me? I recently spent a month on Aruba. Windy the whole time, but a warm wind….bliss…. The temperature didn’t drop 20 C after dark. Warm rain… I felt warm through and through ……..aaaahh.

sunny skies, sweaty days, sandy beaches, windblown hair……those were the days….☀️ imageimage image

Musicality, or not

Through the ages I have at times wished I was musical. Just the slightest touch would do. Be able to pluck a tiny tune on a banjo, strum on the guitar, bang those drums. You know what I mean.

No such luck with that, mate.

With short and stubby fingers you can’t really get much done on a piano, guitar or whatever.

Although I did have a brief carrier playing the recorder in a school band. National anthem, Advance Australia Fair, every morning for parade. I remember one part in particular being especially difficult.

And then I stumbled upon the coolest instrument, ever! The space drum or hang drum. Wow!!

This is the first tune I heard, and I found it amazing, captivating, mesmerizing.


I came across these two a few days ago.

I’ll just have to be content listening to others play. Performing music myself, well, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Great, huh? Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :-)


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