Public nudity

I live in Southern Norway. So I guess we have the warmest, sunniest weather in the country.

image  Maybe it’s only to be expected that people get confused about where they are. Beach vs town, I mean. Or maybe they’re walking around dazed by the heat?

image  I work in a garden centre. There, again, you might find an excuse, maybe we are deemed a less formal type of shop, re the ‘garden’ connection. image   My point here is: why on earth would you walk around the shops HALF NAKED? Really? image




Guys, please, put a shirt on. Doesn’t matter what you look like. Old and saging. Young and muscular. Hairy. Smooth. I don’t care. But I would definitely appreciate not looking up from a customers trolley to find myself face to face with a pair of hairy, or not-so-hairy, nipples. image





Is the time of common decency really over? I mean, there is a time and place for everything, right?





I am one of the first to admit I willingly go to nudie beaches. I have no problem with that. Just not in the shops. Keep it at the beach, please.

Hmmm… I am just realising…. I might just have had an ulterior motive for writing this particular blog.





Oh well….enjoy, ladies. ;-)

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